CPD Activities & Reports

What is CPD?
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the continuous maintenance, development and enhancement of the professional and personal knowledge and skills which members of ZICA require throughout their working lives. CPD is the learning we all need to do to stay competent and to develop new skills to be effective in our jobs and careers. CPD, therefore, is something which ZICA members will almost certainly already be doing as part of their everyday working lives.
Why is it important for members to complete CPD?
It is important that ZICA members remain competent and develop new skills to remain effective in their jobs and careers. This will help maintain members’ employability and their reputation with employers, clients and the public. It will also help maintain ZICA’s reputation for producing and supporting high calibre professionals.
Who will have to complete CPD?
All members who are active in the workplace must participate in the new CPD policy from 2007 onwards.
All members will be required to make a CPD return on an annual basis. This can be done by completing a paper form which will also be sent to you towards the end of each CPD year, or asking ZICA to send you out a form at any point. Members will be asked to confirm that they have achieved the CPD requirements via one of the following:
 the unit route
 the IFAC body route
Members will also be asked to declare that they have maintained and, where appropriate, developed their competence in relation to professional ethics.
Is the annual CPD return form very time consuming and complex?
No. You just need to tick two boxes and sign a declaration. There is no requirement to supply any supporting documentation at the point of the CPD return. ZICA may request your CPD evidence at a later date as part of the monitoring process.
Do all members have to make a CPD return?
No matter which route to CPD you follow, and even if you have been granted a waiver, all members who are active in the workplace must nonetheless make a CPD return each and every year.Do members need to retain evidence of their CPD activity?
Members following the unit route are required to maintain a portfolio of evidence, for example, office records, diary entries, course objectives and minutes of meetings. ZICA can provide you with paper evidence forms. These can assist in recording CPD activity.
Members who are also members of another IFAC accounting body which is compliant with IFAC’s International Education Standard (IES 7), and choose to follow that body’s CPD scheme, must maintain evidence consistent with their body’s requirements. They must also keep evidence of their membership with that body.How long must evidence be kept?
Evidence must be kept for a three year period for ZICA’s monitoring purposes.
What will members need to consider when retaining evidence?
Members need to be able to prove that the CPD that they have undertaken is relevant to their development needs and all evidence should demonstrate this. The paper evidence form will help you consider this.
Where can I source more information about CPD?
ZICA will be contacting you regularly with all the information and support you will need to understand and commit to the CPD requirements.CPD Calendar

To download the latest CPD Calendar, follow this link: http://www.zica.co.zm/download/cpd-calendar-for-2017/