Taxation Programme

Taxation is a specialist field which draws on law, administration and accountancy. By and large, most taxation work in Zambia is undertaken by accountants. However, tax is a complex and diverse field requiring specialised technical knowledge. Increasingly, there has been demand from the market for a specialised training programme in Taxation to increase technical capacity that matches the growth in the Zambian economy. In putting this programme together, the Institute drew upon the wide experience it has in training accountants. The programme was developed to address the following:

  • Offer a thorough understanding of the Tax system and practice of Taxation in Zambia to professional accountants.
  • Enhance the understanding of tax among the professionals from a wide range of disciplines who may not have a background in accounting but are actively involved in the various facets of taxation.
  • Give an opportunity to all those who require a recognised professional qualification in Taxation for whatever reason.

The programme has two levels, the certificate and the diploma. Each level consists of six (6) modules. The candidates who pass the six (6) modules at the certificate level are awarded with a ZICA Certificate in Taxation and those who pass all the six (6) modules at Diploma level are awarded with the ZICA Professional Diploma in Taxation.
Course structure
Certificate level
C1 Business Management
C2 Economics and Financial Mathematics
C3 Accountancy for Tax Practitioners
C4 Direct Taxes
C5 Indirect Taxes
C6 Law for Tax Practitioners

Entry Requirements
The entry requirement at certificate level is five (5) O-level credits or better including English and Mathematics.

Diploma level
D1 Business Information Management
D2 Financial Management
D3 Business Taxation
D4 Personal Taxation
D5 International Taxation
D6 Tax audit and Investigation

Entry Requirements

ZICA Certificate in Taxation or any other relevant qualification approved by the Institute.
This programme prepares students to carry out duties as:
Tax Accountants;
Tax Advisors;
Compliance Officers;
VAT Accountants;
VAT Inspectors; and
Customs Officers

Mode of Study

  • Full-time Study: Students on full-time are required to enrol at a ZICA accredited tuition provider.
  • Part-time Study: Students on part-time are required to enrol at a ZICA accredited tuition provider.
  • Self-Study: It is recommended that students on self-study should purchase the ZICA study materials. These can be purchased from any ZICA office.

There are two examination sessions for the Taxation Programme annually; June and December.
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