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Keeping You Abreast with the latest developments in Tax.

The Taxation Process

The Institute contributes to tax policy and related issues through budget submissions, comments on Tax amendment bills and position papers on various topical issues. We also communicate important changes in the tax system to our members and participate in relevant consultation forums.

Members and stakeholders are encouraged to keep abreast with current tax issues through such resources as the Practice Notes published by Zambia Revenue Authority, Tax update workshops and Tax Amendment Bills.  The following resources are very useful in aiding members gaining a better understanding of the Taxation in Zambia.

Practice Notes

Practice Notes provide general guidance on current or new tax practices prevailing in the fiscal year. They are intended to supplement the available tax literature and are not interpretations of Tax legislation.


Other Tax Matters

This section provides tax information and guidance on technical and practical tax matters. You can have access to useful links on various tax guides, the latest tax news and the Institute’s Tax publications, including help sheets and Tax representations.