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Technical Skills of ZICA graduates

Technical Skills of ZICA Graduates

CA Zambia Graduates

  • Prepare financial statements, and evaluate the position, performance and prospects of
    organisations from their financial statements
  • Plan audit assignment, evaluate audit evidence, conclude and report on the engagement
  • Provide advice on formulation, choice and implementation of business strategies
  • Measure performance, evaluate appropriate performance measures to support decision making
  • Formulate financial strategies, evaluate investment opportunities and recommend appropriate financial risk strategies.
  • Prepare appropriate tax returns, and evaluate and advice individuals and businesses on tax implications of various activities

Diploma in Accountancy Graduates

  • Prepare, interpret and analyse financial statements
  • Apply management accounting techniques to support cost control, pricing strategies,planning and decision making
  • Compute appropriate taxes, and prepare statutory tax returns to facilitate compliance with tax law
  • Test internal controls and obtain appropriate audit evidence to support an audit report
  • Manage receivables and payables

Public Sector Financial Management Graduates

  • Apply appropriate accounting procedures in the preparation of various sets of public sector accounts and reports
  • Apply the various finance and administration provisions of the constitutional and administrative law when executing their duties
  • Demonstrate governance, management, communication and negotiation skills, and high levels of professional ethics in carrying out their duties
  • Apply public finance knowledge in preparing budgets, analysing various expenditures and provide relevant decision making information required to manage resources allocated to their units in an effective and efficient manner
  • Apply the principles, procedures and legislation guiding audit assurance work in the Public Sector
  • Apply appropriate Accounting Standards when preparing financial Statements of a public entity and interpret such statements to facilitate decision making

Diploma in Taxation Graduates

  • Prepare and compute appropriate taxes, and prepare statutory tax returns to facilitate
    compliance with tax law
  • Compute and advise individuals and businesses on tax implications of various activities
  • Detect under declarations of income or over statements of expenditure
  • Respond to either audit or investigation queries from the Zambia Revenue Authority
  • Calculate income tax on both residents and non-residents on world-wide income
  • Apply indirect taxes to international transactions

Wholistic Development of ZICA Graduates

When you hire ZICA graduates, in addition to strong technical skills graduates are encouraged to develop their interpersonal skills through the curriculum as well as mentoring opportunities.

Team Work

Work well with others in teams

IT Saavy

Use information technology effectively


Communicate ideas and information effectively and efficiently, verbally and in-writing


Provide leadership to subordinates

Research & Analyse

Research, analyse and evaluate information


Effectively negotiate

Planning & Montoring

Plan, organise, delegate and monitor activities

Problem Solving

Solve problems, propose solutions and make decisions


Exercise appropriate professional judgement in the business conduct