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Why has Institute revised the curriculum of the ZiCA Accountancy programme?

In order to comply with the Education and Training Policy, which requires that after every five years, the ZiCA qualifications should be reviewed to ensure that they are in line with current business and environmental changes.

Will the name for the current programme change after the review of the syllabus?

Yes, the current ZiCA Accountancy programme has been split into two: Chartered Accountant Zambia (CA Zambia) and Diploma in Accounting.

How is the structure of the CA Zambia Programme?

The CA Zambia Programme will have three levels, with 6 modules at Knowledge level, 5 modules at Application level and 3 compulsory subjects plus 2 optional subjects from a choice of three routes, Public Practice, Business, and Public Sector at Advisory level.

How is the structure of the Diploma in Accounting Programme?

The Diploma in Accounting Programme will have two levels with seven (7) modules or papers in level one and five (5) modules or papers in level two.

What will be the certification regime for the CA Zambia and Diploma in Accounting Programmes?

Under the CA Zambia and Diploma in Accounting Programmes, candidates will be certified at the end of the programme and therefore there will be no certification at each level. For the CA Zambia qualification, candidates should note that the certificate will only be awarded upon completion of both the examinations and practical training components.

What are the Pathways to Entry into CA Qualification?

The CA qualification has three levels and therefore candidates can enter into the programme at each of these levels

What are the Pathways to Entry into Diploma in Accounting?

The minimum entry requirements for the Diploma in Accounting are as follows: i) School Leavers: Full School Certificate or its equivalent with five credits or better in English, Mathematics and three other subjects. ii) Non School Leavers: Holders of any other recognised qualifications approved by the Institute.

When will the CA Zambia and Diploma in Accounting take effect for tuition and studying?

The CA Zambia and Diploma in Accounting will take effect from July 2017 for tuition and studying.