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As a ZICA accredited tuition provider, you will enhance the profile of your college and attract students keen to study the world’s most relevant qualifications for a career in business and finance.

Accredited Tuition Providers

Webinars: ZICA qualification

We ran two webinars in January, looking at the changes coming to the ZICA Qualification.

The webinars included a look at the new Strategic Business Leader exam.

The content is available on demand, so register and watch them now.

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Why Teach ZICA

Support for you and your students

ZICA encourages students to follow a formal course of tuition and to seek out providers who are partners in ZICA Global Learning, to ensure they get a high standard of tuition and improve their chances of passing the ZICA exams.

To become a ZICA Learning Partner you will need to be forward looking, student focused and market aware. If you meet our standards we will support you at every stage with a quality award backed by the ZICA brand.


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ZICA Programmes

In accordance with the Accountants Act of 2008, ZICA is mandated to accredit local and foreign institutions offering ZICA Programmes. In fulfilment of this mandate, ZICA accredits the Tuition Providers offering ZICA Programmes to ensure that the training Institutions meet the minimum training standards.
We wish to advise all our key stakeholders and the general public that the listed institutions below have been accredited to offer tuition for the ZICA