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Find An Accredited Learning Provider

In accordance with the Accountants Act of 2008, ZiCA is mandated to accredit local and foreign institutions offering ZiCA Programmes. In fulfilment of this mandate, ZiCA accredits the Tuition Providers offering ZiCA programmes to ensure that the training Institutions meet the minimum training standards. We wish to advise all our key stakeholders and the general public that the listed institutions below have been accredited to offer tuition for the ZiCA Programmes. Institutions that are not accredited are not allowed to offer tuition at any level. Students attending tuition with such institutions that are not accredited will be doing so at their own risk and ZiCA will not be held responsible for poor training delivery

Accreditation for Learning Provider

  • There shall be a Management Accreditation Committee chaired by the Director Education and Training that will consider applications for accreditation as tuition providers.
  • The accreditation as a tuition provider shall be for a renewable period of three (3) years.
  • An Institution that wishes to provide tuition for any ZiCA Programme shall apply for accreditation by completing a prescribed application form
  • The Institution applying for accreditation as tuition providers shall pay a non-refundable application fee as prescribed by Council from time to time.
  • Accreditation shall be as per the guidelines for accreditation of tuition providers that are provided by the Institute.
  • The Institute shall evaluate the application against set criteria and inspect the Institution. This list shall be posted on the website and published in other Institute’s publications.
  • Approval of Accreditation as a tuition provider shall be done by Management based on the recommendation of the Management Accreditation Committee.
  • The applicants shall be informed of the decision within one (1) month after conducting the inspection
  • Upon successful accreditation, such an Institution shall be added onto the list of Accredited Tuition providers.
  • An accredited tuition provider shall apply for renewal three (3) months before expiry of the accreditation period.
  • The tuition provider shall:
  • pay a renewal fee as prescribed by Council
  • be inspected for renewal and
  • be informed of the outcome within one (1) month following the inspection.
  • An accredited tuition provider shall be de-registered if the Institution flouted the accreditation obligations set by the Institute.

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