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Diploma in Public Sector Financial Management

The Diploma in Public Sector Financial Management was introduced in 2017. The programme is targeted at accountants working in the Public Sector or those trainee accountants intending to pursue a financial management career in the Public Sector. The overall objective of the course is to provide specialised training in Public Sector Financial Management at a national level so as to create a trained professional cadre of public sector accountants who would enhance financial management and accountability in the public sector.

Registration and Entry Requirements

Registration Requirements

All students must register with the Institute at the start of their course. Student registration numbers will be sent to all students. Registration forms can be obtained from ZICA offices in Lusaka and Kitwe or from any accredited ZICA tuition provider. Alternatively, the forms can be downloaded below. All prospective students are encouraged to complete the form and attach all relevant documents as stipulated. All statement of results or qualifications attached must be certified.


Minimum entry requirements

The minimum entry requirement to the ZICA Diploma in Public Sector Financial Management is the ZICA Accountancy Technician Qualification or Equivalent qualification.

Methods of Study

The programme has a flexible mode of study to cater for the different groups of learners. The available modes of study are as follows:


Students on full-time are required to enrol at a ZICA accredited tuition provider.


Students on part-time are required to enrol at a ZICA accredited tuition provider.


It is recommended that students on self-study should make use of the ZICA recommended study materials. These can be purchased from any ZICA offices.



ZiCA will run two examination sessions in a year: June and December. The Examination timetable for each year shall be sent to individual candidates and examination centres. The timetable will also be posted to the Institute’s website: during the first week of February every year and published in all issues of the Student Accountant magazine.

Critical Dates

All registered students must pay the annual subscription fee by 1 January of each year. Any student who would have not paid their annual subscription fees by 31 March each year shall be de-registered. A de-registered student will be required to pay a student re-registration fee as prescribed by Council from time to time to activate his/her student membership.

 Fees  June  December
 28 February  31 August
Subscription fees  31 March  31 March
 Examination  31 March 30 September

Examination Procedures

  • You must be in the examination room at least 30 minutes before the paper is due to commence.The doors will be closed at that time to enable the invigilator to issue instructions and distribute stationery, and give you an opportunity to sign the attendance register.
  • Do not bring any paper or printed material into the examination room. Possession of such material may result in your being barred from participation in the examination.
  • Examination paper on which to answer the questions will be provided.
  • Cell phones are not allowed in the examination room.
  • If you arrive more than 40 minutes after the starting time of the examination, you will not be allowed to sit that paper.
  • You will not be permitted to leave the examination room during the first hour nor the last 30 minutes.
  • You will not be allowed finally to leave the examination room without permission until you have handed in your answer booklets.
  • You must cease writing immediately the invigilator has declared the examination over.

Course Structure

The Public Sector Financial Management Programme has Six (6) Modules. All the Modules are compulsory. Candidates who pass all the Modules will be awarded the ZICA Diploma in Public Sector Financial Management.

Course Syllabi

This section outlines the content that is to be covered under each of the six modules to be completed in this learning programme.

PFM1 Public Sector Accounting

Objectives of Public Sector Accounting and distinguish between Public Sector Accounting and Commercial Accounting...

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PFM4 Public Sector Financial Management

For Students to be able to explain the principles of Public Finance and Economics that relate to Public budgeting and the Budgetary Process...

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PFM2 Legal Aspects of Public Sector Finance and Administration

After studying this module the student will be able to define the term law and explain the sources of law...

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PFM 5Public Sector Audits

Explain the objective of Auditing in the Public Sector, Apply the principles, procedures and legislation guiding audit work...

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PFM3 Governance and Management in the Public Sector

Helps Students to explain decentralization and how it impacts on the functioning of government entities...

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PFM6 Financial Reporting Framework for Public Sector Entities

This will help students to outline the objectives of Financial Reporting for Public Sector entities...

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