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Practice / Practitioner's Fees

ZICA is authorised to license and register firms and individuals to carry out specialist areas of work including audit, In most cases, the fees for these areas of work consist of two parts, the initial firm registration fees and annual renewal subscriptions.

Annual registration and payment of fees

ZICA will automatically renew your regulatory registration every year. We will send you a proforma invoice to confirm details of your registration (usually in November). This gives you time to ask questions about the proforma invoice before payment is due. If you want to raise an invoice query, you must do so within 30 days of the issue date on the proforma invoice. If you do not raise a query within 30 days, you may be liable for the full fee as described on the proforma or invoice.

Annual registration fees are payable on 1 January and payment is due within 30 days. Payments under existing online payment arrangements will be collected within 20 working days of the 1 January. Payment collection dates are shown on the proforma or invoice for newly established or changed online payment instructions.

Once you have paid your regulatory fees, you will be considered to have accepted the firm structure described on the proforma document or invoice. Regulatory fees are for a calendar year unless otherwise stated in the fee scales. We do not refund in part or in full annual regulatory fees.

Non-payment of regulatory fees will result in the member or firm being referred to the Standards & Regulatory Board for professional misconduct. We encourage you to pay annual fees using our online payment system.

New Registrations

Please send a cheque with your completed application form. Full details can be found on the application form. If an application is not accepted, the fee will be refunded.