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Member Benefits

In a complex global economy, talented, ethical and committed professionals have never been more highly valued and in demand. ZiCA is committed to ensuring that our members continue to stand apart – defining excellence throughout their career, throughout the world.  We believe our membership of Chartered Accountants Worldwide supports this aim.


What is Chartered Accountants Worldwide?

Chartered Accountants Worldwide is a family of chartered accountancy institutes from around the world. It brings together the leading chartered accountancy institutes to support, develop and promote the vital role that Chartered Accountants play throughout the global economy. It creates a community of more than 640,000 members and over 1 million students with a presence in more than 200 countries.



What is the purpose of Chartered Accountants Worldwide?

Chartered Accountants Worldwide provides a consistent global voice and identity for chartered accountants, enabling the designation to stand out as the standard of excellence in accountancy, business and finance. As an Associate member, ZiCA believes that being part of a global chartered accountancy family, who share the same high standards and commitment to working together, creates global recognition of the status and the value our members contribute in business and in practice.


What benefits does Chartered Accountants Worldwide offer to individual members?

Chartered Accountants Worldwide is a global resource centre which provides member value with:

  • Access to news, content and the best thought leadership worldwide
  • Connections and networking opportunities around the world, allowing you to connect with chartered accountants, wherever you are working
  • Development opportunities and career mobility, through access to job opportunities, CPD and events.


Benefits of ZiCA Membership

Employers of accounting personnel include membership to ZICA as one of the requirements for the staff they will recruit. Registration and Membership to ZICA also affords the members national and international recognition and this recognition affords wider job opportunities.

News Access Anytime

Access content on the go to keep updated of topical issues and news in the profession.


Communities And Networking

Through virtual and face to face networking, connect with international and local communities of like-minded peers.


Ethics and Professionalism

Expertise and guidance to support you in upholding ZICA ethical and professional standards.


Thought Leadership

Research and insights to challenge your thinking and keep you at the forefront of your profession.



The continuing professional development scheme for members, CPD supports you in your career by helping you identify current and future learning needs and provides a variety of resources to help you with this.


Your Career

Resources to support you with the next step in your career and show your earning potential.


How to Review Your ZICA Membership Status

Constantly reviewing your Membership to help you keep your knowledge and professional up to date as a ZICA qualified professional accountant is very important.

1. Sources for CDP Requirements

Regularly get all the information and support from ZiCA to understand and commit to CPD requirements.

3. Subscriptions

Keep your Membership active by paying annual subscription fees approved by ZICA Council every first January of the year.

2. CPD Return

Information on making your CPD Return. When you have to make your CPD return, Keeping Evidence etc.

4. CPE

Review and get all the information about Competence Practise Examination. CPE is a must to obtain Audit or non - Audit Practise Certificate.