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CA Zambia

What is CA Zambia?

CA Zambia is a premier professional accountancy qualification designed to enhance recognition and status of graduates. A holder of CA Zambia is a highly skilled and competent accountant who has completed both the professional examinations and compulsory 3 year practical training programme.

Registration and Entry Requirements

Registration Requirements

All students must register with the Institute at the start of the programme. Registration forms can be obtained from ZiCA Offices in Lusaka and Kitwe or from any ZiCA accredited tuition provider. Alternatively, the forms can be downloaded from the ZiCA website, All prospective students must complete the form and attach all the relevant documents as stipulated.  All statement of results or qualifications attached in support of application must be certified by a registered Commissioner of Oath and by the Examination Council of Zambia for the Grade 12 results. Student registration numbers shall be sent to all students within two weeks of submission of registration documents.



Minimum entry requirements

The minimum entry requirements are set out below:

CA Certificate in Accountancy Level

Direct entry route for School leavers should possess a Grade 12 School Certificate or its equivalent with five (5) O level credits or better including Mathematics and English.

CA Application Advanced Diploma in Accountancy Level

Non-school leavers who hold the Diploma in Accountancy or other recognised relevant qualifications and possess five (5) O level credits or better including Mathematics and English. These enter at the Application level of CA Zambia.

CA Advisory Professional in Accountancy Level

Non-school leavers who hold a recognised Degree in Accountancy or other recognised professional accounting qualifications and possess five (5) O level credits or better including Mathematics and English. These enter at the CA Advisory Professional in Accountancy level of CA Zambia.

The CA Zambia Ambassadors Program (CAZAP) is a prestigious leadership opportunity for CA Zambia qualified graduates and students who are dedicated to serving and representing the Institute. CA Zambia Ambassadors (CAZA) will serve as the Institute’s agents in recruiting students onto various ZICA qualifications and will perform restricted duties at various events related to that role.

Methods of Study

Students may learn through any of the following methods: full time, part-time or self-study mode.


Full time study mode is where students attend classes as a full time student at one of the
accredited tuition providers.


Part-time study mode is where students attend classes as a part-time student at one of the accredited tuition providers


Self-study mode is where students read for the programme at home without attending classes at any of the accredited tuition providers.



ZiCA will run four examination sessions in a year: March, June, September and December. The Examination timetable for each year shall be sent to individual candidates and examination Centres. The timetable will also be posted to the Institute’s website: and published in all issues of the Student Accountant magazine

Critical Dates

All registered students must pay the annual subscription fee by 1 January of each year. Any student who would have not paid their annual subscription fees by 31 March each year shall be de-registered. A de-registered student will be required to pay a student re-registration fee as prescribed by Council from time to time to activate his/her student membership.

 Fees  June  December
 28 February  31 August
Subscription fees  31 March 31 March
 Examination  31 March 30 September

Examination Procedures

  • You must be in the examination room at least 30 minutes before the paper is due to commence.The doors will be closed at that time to enable the invigilator to issue instructions and distribute stationery, and give you an opportunity to sign the attendance register.
  • Do not bring any paper or printed material into the examination room. Possession of such material may result in your being barred from participation in the examination.
  • Examination paper on which to answer the questions will be provided.
  • Cell phones are not allowed in the examination room.
  • If you arrive more than 40 minutes after the starting time of the examination, you will not be allowed to sit that paper.
  • You will not be permitted to leave the examination room during the first hour nor the last 30 minutes.
  • You will not be allowed finally to leave the examination room without permission until you have handed in your answer booklets.
  • You must cease writing immediately the invigilator has declared the examination over.

CA Course Structure

The CA Zambia has a three-tier examination structure and an additional work experience requirement. These are outlined as CA Certificate in Accountancy Level, CA Application Advanced Diploma in Accountancy Level and CA Advisory Professional in Accountancy Level. Find more Details in the CA Student Handbook and the Facts Sheet.

CA Certificate in Accountancy Level

The CA Certificate in Accountancy level provides a framework for learning which contains core skills that prepare students for advanced study. It has six syllabus modules :

CA1.1 Financial Accounting

Accounting is dealt with here primarily as a skill that supports the compilation of reliable financial accounts...

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CA1.4 Commercial and Corporate Law

Accountants are expected to have a sound understanding of the Zambian legal and regulatory environment...

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CA1.2 Business Statistics

Accountants use a range of quantitative techniques in accounting, performance management...

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CA1.5 Management Theory and Practice

An understanding of how organisations are managed and the challenges that management face...

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CA1.3 Business Economics

In performing the role accountants must understand the broader economic forces within which organisations function...

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CA1.6 Business Communication

Accountants play a vital role in management and management decision-making.

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CA Application Advanced Diploma in Accountancy Level

The CA Application Advanced Diploma in Accountancy level builds on the foundation of competences already achieved and takes students into a higher level where their skills are developed and expanded and put into context.

CA2.1 Financial Reporting

Accounting from the Knowledge level is developed in the context of more complex events and transactions...

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CA2.4 Taxation

Professional accountants need to understand tax to support both compliance and accurate professional advice...

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CA2.2 Financial Management

Financial management examines in context the basics of financing decisions, investment decisions...

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CA2.5 Management Accounting

Management Accounting develops and deepens student capability providing information and decision support...

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CA2.3 Auditing Principles and Practice

Auditing Principles and Practice builds a firm foundation in the nature and purpose of both internal and external audit...

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CA2.6 Strategic Business Analysis

Strategic business analysis enables students to understand and apply tools and models to support the development and implementation...

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CA Advisory Professional in Accountancy Level

The CA Advisory Professional in Accountancy level positions students to meet the requirements of a professional accountant with knowledge and competencies recognisable across the world.

CA3.1 Advanced Financial Reporting

In the context of both the private and public sectors, extends student knowledge of generally accepted accounting practices...

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CA3.5 Advanced Management Accounting

The module focuses on the management accountant as the responsible executive for performance management, monitoring and control.

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CA3.8 Public Sector Financial Management

The nature of public sector finance, both revenue and expenditure, are identified in the context of managing public finances and expenditure.

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CA3.2 Advanced Audit and Assurance

In the context of both the private and public sectors, extends student knowledge of International Standards...

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CA3.6 Advanced Financial Management

Advanced Financial Management requires students to place into context finance with broader strategic aims...

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CA3.4 Advanced Taxation

The Advanced Taxation module develops further aspects of tax related competencies will allow students to ensure tax compliance...

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CA3.7 Public Sector Audits and Assurance

The module is based on the INTOSAI Framework and standards and begins by describing the nature of auditing...

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To The Student

  • Access to accredited tuition providers and examination centres
  • Empowers students with competences and skills to become an effective chartered accountant and business leader
  • Mentorship for those students who will be at Advisory level of CA Zambia
  • Competitive Registration and Examination fees
  • Gains a qualification that meets IFAC competence areas of a professional accountant
  • Assurance of employment
  • CA recognised by Chartered Accountants Worldwide and member bodies
  • Free Student Accountant magazine

When A Student Qualifies As A CA Zambia

  • A CA Zambia qualification opens career opportunities to Chartered Accountants Zambia to work as a Finance Manager, Senior Auditor, Tax Manager, Financial Analyst, Finance Director, Audit Partner, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating or Chief Executive Officer.
  • Obtain an internationally recognised premier qualification
  • Associate member of ZICA
  • Access to ZICA products and services
  • Access to a free Accountant Magazine and Newsletter
  • Access to CPD
  • Invitations to ZICA seminars and events