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Competence Practice Examination (CPE)

Competence Practice Examinations (CPE) are examinations that chartered accountants sit and pass in order to obtain audit or non-audit practising certificates. In order to obtain a practising certificate, a chartered accountant shall make an application in the prescribed manner and form upon payment of the prescribed fee.

The Development Of Professional Competence

The reputation, relevance and value of the accountancy profession depends on the ability of its members to continually meet the expectations of stakeholders and provide a service appropriate to the needs of the Zambian economy within the global context. It is the responsibility of the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA) to ensure that all Practising Accountants have the necessary professional competence at entry point to serve the public interest and the needs of the economy, and maintain and develop their competence thereafter.

Registration Of Firms

In order for Chartered Accountants who have passed CPE to be able to offer their services to the public, they are required to register a firm under which they will operate. Firm registration will be issued in the name that is registered with the Patents and Companies Registration Agency. The Practice Handbook gives guidelines that govern the registration of a firm of chartered accountants. To register a firm of chartered accountants, download the application form.

Application Form

Competence Practice Examinations Downloads

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