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Membership Categories

Associate/Fellowship Grade of Membership

Fully qualified professional accountants holding qualifications from recognized accounting bodies and also holding a minimum of three years practical experience, two such years being post qualifying, can be admitted into membership.

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Licentiate Grade of Membership

This is accorded to individuals with recognized accountancy degrees and 3 years work experience or those who have completed and passed penultimate examinations of a professional qualification.


Graduate Grade of Membership

This category is given to individuals who have completed professional level examinations of a professional accountancy qualification. Such individuals are required to attain three years work experience before they can request for a transfer to Associate membership.

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Technician Grade of Membership

This is accorded to individuals who have completed recognized technician accountancy programmes.


Qualifications for Registration:

According to the Statutory Instrument No. 40 of 1994 – The Accountants (Qualifications for Registration) regulations, Some qualifications and experiences are required to be eligible for membership.

Membership Information

1. Managing Your Membership: As a ZICA Member, You need to  ensure everything continues to run smooth by always remembering to keep your contact details up to date. You can manage your membership by updating your emails, job roles, organisational or home addresses. As an active member, you need to meet your CPD requirements. You need to complete Continuing Professional Development(CPD) and also ensure that your submit an annual CPD Declaration form.

2. Making a CPD DeclarationAll ZICA Members are required to submit an annual CPD Declaration. No matter which route to CPD you follow, and even if you have been granted a waiver, all members who are active in the workplace must nonetheless make a CPD return each and every year.

3. Subscription Fees and PaymentsThe Accountants Act requires all individuals holding accountancy qualifications to register with the Institute before being employment as accountancy professional. Once an individual is registered with the Institute, they have to keep their membership active by paying annual subscription fees approved by ZICA Council every first January of the year. Membership subscription is valid up to 31 December of each year. Employers and other stakeholders are encouraged to check validity of membership of individuals who claim to be members of ZICA on the list of valid members available in the download section. All individuals who claim to be accountants but do not appear on this list are holding out. In such a case, both the employee and the employer are liable to prosecution as per Section 18 of the Accountants Act of 2008.

4. Competence Examinations: Competence Practice Examinations (CPE) are examinations that chartered accountants sit and pass in order to obtain audit or non-audit practising certificates. In order to obtain a practising certificate, a chartered accountant shall make an application in the prescribed manner and form upon payment of the prescribed fee.

Application Forms


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