Practical Training

In accordance with the Education and Training Policy of the Institute, it is a requirement that upon successful completion of the professional level examinations, the graduate shall undertake a compulsory three year practical training programme under the supervision of a chartered accountant. A graduate who has a minimum of two or more years of recognizable practical experience shall be required to undertake a two year practical training programme with the prior experience counting to one year of the required three years.

The practical training shall preferably be undertaken in one entity or in a number of entities depending on exposure to variety of work and availability of training opportunities. The entity in which practical training shall be undertaken may be either a private or public sector and approved by ZiCA.

A competence framework has been developed to guide the supervisor/mentor on the assessment of the trainee’s competence. You can download the competence framework and the practical training by clicking on the following links:

• Practical Training Competence Framework
• Practical Training Form