Accountancy Programme

The ZICA Accountancy Programme was introduced in 2007 and has since received international acceptability with the endorsement of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and the Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA). It complies fully with all IFAC Standards of Education (IES 1-8). It is a tier fully fledged professional programme as follows:

  • Technician Level: Comprises seven subjects that prepare one for clerical accounting work, usually carried out by Accounts Assistants.
  • Licentiate Level: The intermediate stage covers eight subjects. It prepares the student for middle management accounting officers.
  • Professional Level: The final stage covers five subjects and prepares the student for high level advisory accounting work.

Entry Requirements

A full School Certificate or its equivalent with at least five(s) credits or better including English and Mathematics. GCE holders can also register through the Mature Age Entry Route (MAER). These will be required to initially sit and pass Financial Accounting and Mathematics & Statistics before attempting the remaining subjects at the ZICA Technician Level.

Registration forms are available on the download section of this site. They can also be obtained at the Secretariat or from colleges offering the course. They are also available at the ZICA Kitwe Office.

Career Progression

The ZICA Accountancy Qualification provides prospects for graduates to work in any organisation including the public sector. The graduates’ scope and depth of knowledge, skill and attitude is comparable to any world class accountancy qualification.


ZICA Membership

Upon completion of the Technician Level, one can apply for ZICA Technician membership. On the other hand, upon completion of the Licentiate level, one can apply for ZICA Licentiate membership. Finally, upon completion of Professional Stage and with adequate experience one can apply for Associate membership.