Governance Structure

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the supreme organ of the Institute. At the AGM, the Council of the Institute is elected to manage the affairs of the Institute. The Council of the Institute comprises 10 elected members and the Accountant General who serves as an ex-official member.

The Council makes policy decisions on the affairs of the Institute. It sets the strategic direction of the Institute. It provides oversight to the management or Secretariat of the Institute. The business of the Council is carried out through eight standing Committees and three Independent Committees. Council meets quarterly and similarly, Committees of Council also meet once per quarter except for the Membership Committee which meets monthly.


Mr. Jason S. Kazilimani – ZICA President

The Current Council members are

  • Mr Jason S Kazilimani – President
  • Mrs Cecilia Zimba – Vice President
  • Ms Lucy Zulu – Member
  • Mrs Chilala Banda – Member
  • Mrs Ethel M Ngwira – Member
  • Mr Chikusi Banda – Member
  • Mr Patson Banda – Member
  • Mr Patrick Hamukale – Member
  • Mr Bbenkele Haachitwe – Member
  • Ms Katongo C Yanga – Member
  • Mr Dick C Sichembe – Member (Accountant General)


The Institute’s senior management team comprises of the following:

Mr. Hapenga Kabeta - ZiCA CEO

Mr. Hapenga Kabeta – ZiCA Secretary & CEO

  • Mr. Hapenga M. Kabeta – Secretary and Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Chansa Chiteba – Director of Standards and Regulation
  • Mr. Modest Hamalabbi – Director of Education and Training
  • Mr. Charles Mutale – Director of Finance and Corporate Services