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D1-Business Information Management (December 2016)


Syllabus: D1-Business Information Management (December 2016)
Exam Date: Wednesday 14th December...

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D6-Tax Audit and Investigations (June 2016)


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Syllabus: D6-Tax Audit and Investigations
Exam Date: Monday 13th June 2016
Syllabus: D5-International Taxation (Question & Answer)
Exam Date: Thursday 16th June...

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D4-Personal Taxation (June 2016)


Syllabus: D4-Personal Taxation (Question & Answer)
Exam Date: Tuesday 14th June...

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D3-Business Taxation (June 2016)


Syllabus: D3-Business Taxation (Question & Answer)
Exam Date: Wednesday 15th June...

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D2-Financial Management (June 2016)


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Syllabus: D2-Financial Management (June 2016)
Exam Date: Friday 17th June 2016
Syllabus: D1-Business Information Management
Exam Date: Wednesday 15th June 2016
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C1-Business Management (December 2016)


Syllabus: C1-Business Management
Exam Date: Tuesday 13th December 2016

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CA3.1–Advanced Financial Reporting (December 2016)


Old Syllabus: P1 Advanced Financial Reporting (Question & Answer)
New Syllabus:...

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CA3.3–Strategic Business Analysis (June 2016)


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Old Syllabus: P5 Strategic Management
New Syllabus: CA3.3 Strategic Business Analysis