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Upcoming IFAC Virtual Global Summit: The Anticipatory Accountant

Upcoming IFAC Virtual Global Summit: The Anticipatory Accountant

Dear Colleague,

What if we could see into the future? What if today we could know the events and forces that will shape our profession? What if we could design learning and development programs to not only prepare accountants for today’s challenges but also to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges?

This November, IFAC will explore these questions during the virtual global summit, The Anticipatory Accountant: Global Trends Transforming Learning & DevelopmentCoinciding with International Education Week, this free four-day, multi-disciplinary panel series will run from 7-9 am EDT, November 16-19, 2020.

Opening with world-renowned futurist Daniel Burrus and special guest Tom Hood, and featuring exceptional speakers including Noah BaalesanvuSafoora BiglariPaul DruckmanMervyn KingRob Zochowski and moderators Olivier Boutellis-TaftVickson Ncube, and Anne-Marie Vitale, the summit will explore three key forces likely to transform the accountancy profession: technology, environment, and society.

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